Cyfri’r Geifr

Drink for Wales!

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Oes gafr eto?
Oes heb ei godro?
Ar y creigiau geirwon
Mae’r hen afr yn crwydro.

Gafr wen, wen, wen.
Ie fin wen, finwen, finwen.
Foel gynffonwen, foel gynffonwen,
Ystlys wen a chynffon.
Wen, wen, wen.

Gafr ddu, ddu, ddu.
Ie finddu, finddu, finddu.
Foel gynffonddu, foel gynffonddu,
Ystlys ddu a chynffon.
Ddu, ddu, ddu.

Gafr goch, goch, goch.
Ie fin goch, fin goch, fin goch.
Foel gynffongoch, foel gynffongoch,
Ystlys goch a chynffon.
Goch, goch, goch.

Gafr las, las, las.
Ie fin las, fin las, fin las.
Foel gynffonlas, foel gynffonlas,
Ystlys las a chynffon.
Las, las, las.


Is there another goat?
That’s not been milked?
On the craggy rocks
The old goat is wandering.

A white, white, white goat,
Yes a white lip, white lip, white lip,
A white tail, white tail
A white flank and tail,
White, white, white.

A black, black, black goat,
Yes a black lip, black lip, black lip,
A black tail,black tail.
A black flank and tail,
Black, black, black.

A red, red, red goat,
Yes a red lip, red lip, red lip,
A red tail, red tail.
A red flank and tail,
Red, red, red.

A blue, blue, blue goat,
Yes a blue lip, blue lip, blue lip,
A blue tail, blue tail.
A blue flank and tail,
Blue, blue, blue.

Drink for Wales!