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Drink for Wales!

If you’d like posters or business cards to put up in your local club, e-mail us at lendahand[at] – we’d be delighted to hear from you! [Oh, and you’re welcome to email us in Cymraeg or English…:-)]

The purpose of this site is to provide you with the words to a wide range of famous Welsh hymns and songs, as well as translations so that you know what they’re actually saying!

But most importantly, each entry will have at least one video, so instead of having to mess around with odd-looking attempts to write them in an ‘English’ way, you can listen directly to exactly how they’re meant to sound …:-)

Our long term aim? Well, let’s see if we can get the singing at Welsh international matches (in any sport!) back up to where it used to be – so make sure you tell your friends about!

Nothing gives our teams more of an edge than hearing tens of thousands of passionate Welsh fans singing their hearts out – learn a few of these great tunes, and you can play your part too…:-)

In fact, why not make a point of concentrating on one song until we hear it making a difference? Calon Lân would be a superb response the next time we’re getting drowned by Fields of Athenry or Swing Low. Why not learn the first verse and the chorus of Calon Lân and get your friends to do the same?

And if you or anyone you know thinks they can do any of these songs better, or wants to suggest other songs, just get in touch!

If you’d like one of our posters, just email us at posters[at] (remember to put @ instead of [at]!) with your name and address and we’ll send up to 5 posters to you (let us know how many you’d like!).